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Shoshanna Lee Jewelry was founded by Sandee Zahn in 2010. Sandee was inspired after taking a jewelry class with her daughter to make a few bracelets for party gifts and the demand was immediate. Through this evolution, combined with Sandee’s sense of classic and simple style, the creation of her jewelry line was born to exemplify the refinement of a woman who is both confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Each new line represents Sandee’s personal journey through influences in travel, relationships and evolution.  She believes that a person’s inner beauty is found in their inner self. This exploration has been fundamental to her creative process. “I find inspiration from the precious stones I personally hand pick. For instance, Sapphire is a precious stone in its raw form and is just as beautiful as when it has been cut to its highest quality,” states Sandee. “Every piece is made in a serene and spiritual environment, which I think is reflected in the design and the feel of each piece,” says Sandee Zahn.

Sandee resides in Chicago, IL, where Shoshanna Lee Jewelry has developed a deep celebrity client base. It has been featured in a television series and continues to secure accounts at select boutiques across the country and internationally. Drawing from the primitive side of humanity, Shoshanna Lee Jewelry features stone, bead and metal. Shoshanna Lee strives to create quality jewelry at an affordable price with attention to customer service.

Sandee started her career performing as a Raiderette for the Los Angeles Raiders. In the early 1980’s, Sandee entered the fashion industry working for top modeling agencies in Los Angeles. Recruited by Elite, Sandee moved to Chicago where she married and raised two children. For the last 30 years Sandee has been exploring the primitive nature of human behavior and the inner-self. This exploration has been fundamental to her creative process.